D E T A I L I N G    P R O D U C T S


I am Robert Hohe, owner of Doctor Detail Auto Detailing, and I have been in the auto detailing industry for almost 3 decades.  My desire to be and do my best is part of the reason for my success, also I am passionate about what I do!  Constantly I am finding ways to refine yet simplify my craft.  This is what led me to the pursuit in developing the best products in the industry.  Ridiculous Products not only work extremely well, but are also very easy to use.  Whether you are a detailer that has years of experience, a detailer just starting a business or a car enthusiast, I guarantee you will love my products.  Auto detailing doesn't have to be complicated, it simply needs to look spectacular and you can achieve this by using Ridiculous Detailing Products!